Javadocs/KotlinDocs for Kotlin runtime?


Is there online documentation anywhere for the Kotlin runtime API?  It looks like there is useful stuff in there but I can't find documentation for it anywhere.




Here is the apidocs for Kotlin's stdlib:

runtime apidocs:


Thanks!  You might want to consider linking to these more prominently, I spent about 5 minutes looking for this and couldn't find it.


Actually that first one is a bit old I think, this is the best way to find the API docs:

which links to the runtime API docs you mentioned:

I’ll try add a redirect to that old link you used


OK that old link should hopefully now redirect to the new API link:


I build kotlin from source code, but "ant doc" generates nothing .

I think build.xml needs to be updated.



BTW: No api docs for some classes , like:  jet.Throwable  ,


I fixed a regression over the weekend that was causing lots of links to fail. I wonder could you refresh your browser and see if they are fixed now? If not let me know the page thats got a bad link please & I'll try fix it ASAP.

Note that there’s currently a pending issue that we can’t yet use the AST / compiler to proeprly resolve local type names in wiki links of the form [[SomeType]] to a proper link (any help appreciated on fixing that!) - though I’ve added a (hacky) work around for now.