How To Run Kotlin 1.1.4 EAP REPL?


What steps are needed to run the Kotlin EAP REPL (using Kotlin 1.1.4 EAP 32) in the terminal? Tried running the Kotlin REPL using an absolute path (to avoid clashing with SDK Man which is set to use Kotlin 1.1.3-2 by default), eg ~/kotlin-build-1.1.4-eap-32/compiler/cli/bin/kotlinc but end up with the following errors:

Error: Could not find or load main class org.jetbrains.kotlin.preloading.Preloader

Does the Kotlin EAP need to be built beforehand?


Have you altered the layout of compiler libraries and executable scripts? The kotlinc script expects itself to be located in the bin directory, near the lib directory which should contain compiler jars. As far as I know, at least the following files should be present in the lib directory:

  • kotlin-preloader.jar
  • kotlin-compiler.jar
  • kotlin-stdlib.jar
  • kotlin-reflect.jar
  • kotlin-script-runtime.jar


Haven’t altered the directory layout. Almost none of the listed JARs exist within the root directory. Wondering if the file from the GitHub repository hasn’t been built properly.


This file is just a packed clone of the repository sources. Looks like our GitHub releases page is useless right now, we’ll sort it out, sorry for confusion.

Meanwhile, you can download the compiler distribution for 1.1.4-eap-32 here:


The link you are pointing to requires logging in, but managed to login as guest user. Now have the Kotlin REPL working, and it appears that the REPL exit issue has been resolved (at least on Linux). Good to go for an attempt at some TornadoFX prototyping :slight_smile: .