How to use dokka to generate docs?



I just read about dokka here and here, and ran the java -jar dokka-fatjar.jar ... from the command line. It created very bare html docs with no styles at all. I can see from the source that it’s writing this in the headers.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/dokka/styles/style.css">

But, 1. there is no style.css, written out anywhere. 2. That absolute href isn’t going to work viewing docs through a file: url.

What am I missing?



I’ve just used dokka from the executable command line jar like so:
java -jar dokka-fatjar.jar ./src/

How can I pass the argument format=markdown ?

java -jar dokka-fatjar.jar ./src/ format=markdown
java -jar dokka-fatjar.jar ./src/ --format=markdown
java -jar dokka-fatjar.jar ./src/ -format=markdown
java -jar dokka-fatjar.jar ./src/ format markdown

do not work for me…


The correct syntax is “-format markdown”.


thanks, I’ll try it out :]