How to use Kotlin Koans

I am trying to import the Kotlin Koans repo described here

I open IntelliJ and choose to open the project and click on the build.gradle file and import the project

What gets imported though doesnt have any build configurations so doesnt really work
It has the source sets defined in the gradle file but IntelliJ isnt highlighting these

I just want to be able to run the tests and get started working on these, but the way they are setup in the repo isn’t correct and doesnt allow easy importing of this in to IntelliJ

How do I get this setup so that I can run the tests?

To run any test, just right-click the test class in the project view and select “Run” from the context menu. There is no additional setup required.

Yeah thats how it usually works, not so with this repo though.

Anyway I was able to get the Koans via the educational plugin which works well.