How to use sqlite3 in kotlin?

when i google this question, just find android tutorial, not kotlin. oh my god.

I’m not entirely sure what google querry you used. The libraries I find are:

You can also use every java sql library.

why kotlin have no database interface, like android?

This is because this is not a Kotlin question. How you use SQLite from Kotlin depends on whether you use Kotlin with the JVM, native or Javascript.

If you use Kotlin with the JVM, you should search for instructions how to use SQLite with Java, where the first search result is this:

If you sue Kotlin native, I found this library. I haven’t use it so I don’t know how good it is:

I don’t use Javascript, so I can’t telly ou how to use SQLite from that platform.

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you can have a look at this tool: GitHub - mfarsikov/kotlite: SQL generator and result set mapper for Sqlite and Kotlin