Hyperskill (JetBrains Academy)

Hi, guys

Could someone confirm whether Hyperskill is a Russian company? I’m interested in subscribing to the premium service, but after some research, it appears to have Russian affiliations. As a Ukrainian, I’m not very keen on that.

This is out of Hyperskill’s ToS:

  1. Your acceptance of these Terms of Service (the “Terms”) constitutes an agreement based on which Stepic Inc and its Affiliates (collectively “Hyperskill”, “we”, or “us”) offers you (“you”, “your” or “Customer”) access to the website hyperskill.org and its sub-domains (the “Site”) and the products (“Application”) and services (“Service”) available on the Site and other Hyperskill affiliated Applications. For the purposes of these Terms, Affiliates of Stepic Inc are Stepik Technologies s.r.o. and Educational Technologies LLC.

Stepik - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding
Team — Stepik

Dear @Andrew-eva-99,

I understand your concern. It’s essential to clarify that Hyperskill is a platform under JetBrains, a reputable international company headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, known for its dedication to the global engineering community. While the geopolitical matters are complex, JetBrains has always maintained a professional and inclusive stance, contributing positively to the open-source community and the broader tech industry.

As a Ukrainian-American, I too am cautious about affiliations. My long-time experiences with JetBrains and Hyperskill have always been positive and centered around the shared goal of advancing knowledge and technology, irrespective of geopolitical boundaries.

Moreover, this forum is a space for learning, collaboration, and the sharing of knowledge among a diverse community of creators. It’s important to maintain a focus on these constructive and apolitical objectives as we engage with each other and the resources available to us, like the remarkable Hyperskill.

Worry not - you are among a community of individuals dedicated to positive technological advancements and shared learning experiences.

Warm regards,


That’s why I’m asking, because their own Terms of Service state pretty bluntly that they are giving me access to the website through Stepik , which is a Russian company.
I’m not being political; I’m being geographical. Knowing where my money is going, I think it’s a valid concern.
I bought the Premium subscription with the intent of learning Kotlin, but I would like to support as little terrorism as possible along the way.

@Andrew-eva-99 - indeed, we are all on the side of light.
Welcome and enjoy your learning community!
I made many friends here. Hope you will too.

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So in short, yes, it is russian.
Russian company pays taxes to russian goverment.
The choice is yours.

I reached out to Hyperskill support and that’s what I got

Stepik Technology is a Czech company, Stepic Inc is just a legal name. Hyperskill is our brand name.

Stepik platform is a separate platform, and currently, we are not connected to it in any way.

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Maybe we are all talking about different Stepik companies, maybe there are more than one?
The one from stepik.org is definitely russian:

If you’re great, have already completed a few courses on Stepik and want to contribute, send us your GitHub account + CV to join@stepik.org. Development stack: Django (Python3), Ember.js (ES6). Locations: St. Petersburg (Russia) or remotely.

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That’s why it’s so confusing and why I started this topic in the first place

And this site is one of the sign-in options; it redirects you to the russian site. :man_shrugging: