JetBrains, revive this forum in the times of Reddit IPO!

I’ve written in the past that it looks like JetBrains would have (more or less) given up this forum. Even though Alexey.Belkov has promised to add a link to the forum to the community page almost 3 years ago, nothing happened! A link to this forum is still missing:

Not even under “Other resources” was a place for a link to this forum.

Maybe the folks at JetBrains thought that Reddit is enough as a forum, but it looks like time has changed and Reddit is damaging the platform to make it look profitable for the IPO. As the Reddit strike shows the community is not amused. This underlines the value of independent forums like this one.

So, please, JetBrains, revive the forum! Put a link on the community page, publish a blog post, promote it on conferences, and encourage JetBrains employees to spend time here!


I fully agree with the sentiment, but isn’t the Kotlin subreddit also unaffiliated (or at least largely ignored) by JetBrains?


What is wrong with Slack?

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Maybe send an email: (

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Slack is basically a chat with more or less unstructured throw-away communication. It’s more like a real meeting that fades away when the participants part. I’d would like to have even more structure in this forum with a tree view, like in the good old usenet (does anyone remember?).

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