I am looking for linear algebra library to use with kotlin-idea

Hi, i need a suggest… I’m looking for a good library to use with kotlin- intellij Idea. I’ve tried Keigen but i don’t able to install Keigen in Idea. I accept suggests.

IDEA is an IDE. You can’t “use the library with IDE”. You need to use a build system like gradle to load the library. If you need to play around with maths and do not have experience with development, you can start with GitHub - Kotlin/kotlin-jupyter: Kotlin kernel for Jupyter/IPython and just use %use kmath directive to load GitHub - mipt-npm/kmath: Kotlin mathematics extensions library which have basic linear algebra at the multiplatform core and more advanced things in integrations.

Thank you for the suggest. I know Idea is a IDE and Grandle is an buld automation tool . I had needed of a library that was simple to integrated and import in Idea-Gradle ecosystem.

You can easily add any library that is available in maven repositories. For example quite extensive commons-math or more specialized EJML.

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