What are types of importing libraries?

What are types of importing libraries? Gradle, Maven, Curl or anything else? What if my project don’t have gradle? Can I do with pasting files to libraries folder in Intellij IDEA path?

Most kotlin projects are build using gradle. You can also use maven (and possibly a few others). Although multiplatform projects (and I think kotlin native) must be build using gradle.

You can also just call the kotlin compiler from the command line and pass in the path to your libraries. However I would not suggest doing this since this becomes quite complex for any project with more than just a handful of files/dependencies.

And yes, you can also manage your dependencies using intellij idea, if you set up your project this way. However I’m not sure how to do this exactly and what limitations apply (I’m guessing no mpp or native).


Actually I didn’t mean this. By downloading any library from GitHub and pasting Intellij IDEA library path. But I have tried in Intellij IDEA as well, I failed by using project structure settings.

It’s not enough to just past a library in the correct location. You still need to tell intellj what library to use and where exactly it is saved.
In any case if you are interested in using kotlin you should learn gradle. The basics aren’t hard to learn although setting up a more complex project can be a bit hard to understand at first.

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