I18n4k - Internationalization for Kotlin


I have started to develop a library that supports internationalisation (i18n) for multiplatform projects, as I could not find a good library out there. I called it “i18n4k”.

i18n4k is a multiplatform (JVM, JS, native) library and code generator for Kotlin to handle internationalisation (i18n) in your program.

Please have a look at: GitHub - comahe-de/i18n4k: Internationalization for Kotlin

Google moko resources. It is an existing project that already does it quite well

Hi! I like the idea of code generation for i18n bundles. I have about 700 lines in those and have to write accessor properties to avoid typos and provide auto-completion. Quite a boilerplate. Would love to use your library in the future.

Moko Resources looks nice but there are no plans to support the js target at present. This is the last mention that I have seen in their github when someone asked about js.