Kotlin I18n/l10n Beyond Android?

Hello all,
I’m about to author a Kotlin internationalization/localization article for a popular firm.
I’m a newbie to the language so I’m currently in my research state. Trying to decide whether I should focus my content solely on Android-related l10n, or if I can keep a more generic/broad scope. I believe the decision relies on the general usage of Kotlin.
Is the language used for Android only (apart from a rare case)? Would there be a sizeable audience if I was to write a generic article or would it be more usable for the readers if it focused solely on Android?


60% of people use Kotlin for Android
60% for JVM
7% for native
6% for javascript

I’m not familiar with what i18n options are out there for Kotlin, but if there’s a Kotliny way that works on all platforms, I’d definitely be interested! (I use Kotlin mainly for JVM)