Idea and Maven compilation run forever


I've created a new branch of kweb to start use kool template. I've ported layout.kt to Kool Template, but now anytime I open this file in Idea, the editor hangs, and Idea process start to use LOT of cpu. If I try to build project from idea, the compilation never stop. And if I try to compile from Maven, the compilation never stop too.

Everything is working fine if I comment the kool template part of the layout file.

What could happening? I’m doing something wrong, or I meet some compiler bug?

Maybe Idea doesn’t like James Kool Template? :wink:



Could you take a CPU snapshot with YourKit or Visual VM profiler and send it to us? Also, it would hepl if you sent us your whole project archived. Both items may be submittedto our issue tracker.


Thank you. I'll post them directly to the issue tracker.


up until about 4-5 days ago the project built and ran fine in maven (3.0.4) on Java 6 or in IDEA with the latest nightly kotlin snapshot.

Though the compiler is being worked on all the time so things change; seems source no longer compiles now - am working through trying to get things compiing again and hitting some strange inference compiler issues. Kool Templates have been working a very long time now; though we occasionally have to work around changes in the compiler implementation from time to time - seems like this is one of those times :frowning:


Hi, sorry about the broken inference. I'd suggest you to fall back for an older version of the compiler until we sort out most of the problems (probably next week).


I'm not sure this issue is related to Kool Templates. I saw this issue in the tracker, I think it could be related: KT-2469 "IDEA is extremely slow". That issue is on a slow down in source code that contains blocks. And the code that give me problem contains many block...

While waiting for problem on this issue, I try to revert to M1 and I’ll told you if using that version will solve the problem…


BTW here are the new compiler issue we just hit on

The former is the biggie - I've not been able to figure out a workaround yet. The latter is more a case of code needing to be more verbose.


BTW we only have 3 versions in the maven repository:

it’d be nice to publish each incremental build to the maven repository so we can easily move back from 0.1-SNAPSHOT to a recent build when we hit some new issue with the compiler.

I’ve raised this issue to track it:


I've had to comment out the Stream.groupBy extension method due to this issue but other than that, the project now builds fine - including Kool Template examples and demos etc.

I don’t see any compiler hang or issue in maven or IDEA (am using maven 3.0.4 and IDEA 11.747 with the latest kotlin plugin)


Loic is also testing the problem, and, as we discuss here it appear that the problem is appearing only on Windows os. On what platform did you try?


I Agree, it could be really useful.


Aha - I use OS X and linux :) which could explain why I've never seen this issue


I wish I could avoid programming in this OS ;), but my customers have their needs...