Frequently get stucked when coding kotlin in Idea 2017

Kotlin plugin: 1.1.3-release-IJ2017.2
When coding in one Java-Kotlin mixed project (which has 10+ modules), Idea get stuck for tens of seconds quite offen since one kotlin newly written module (which is a dependency for other modules) was added to the project.
And I come across this problem in both Windows8.1 and Ubuntu 16.04
I’m wondering if your team has received similar feeback before.

thanks for any updates.

Please update the Kotlin plugin to version 1.1.4 EAP; this should help a lot.

Thanks for so quick responding. I will give it a try.:slightly_smiling_face:

For me personally it appears that performance problems are much less with Kotlin 1.1.4 EAP so I can definitely recommend you try it!

yes! 1.1.4 EAP plugin is fantastic, now coding is smooth as before