[IDEA] gradle error log highlight

This is probably covered somewhere, since it is very common problem, but I could not find any support ticket or something like this.
One of very convenient IDE features is automatic error log parsing and highlighting. In Java and Groovy it allows to jump to error line directly from error log window. But in kotlin so far it does not work (at least when using gradle). Instead I have plain text messages like:

e: D:\Java\Projects\numass\numass-viewer\src\main\kotlin\inr\numass\viewer\MainView.kt: (107, 32): Unresolved reference: NumassData

Of course, I can always use line number to find the error myself, but clickable link is much better. The same problem with warnings.
Is there any information about when it will be fixed?

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Please vote for https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-12246. At this time we don’t have any specific timeframe for the fix.

Thanks. I guess it should be not very complicated to do (since you do have similar mechanisms for other languages), but searching for a specific line is annoying.

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