IDEA plugin "Cucumber for Kotlin"?

Currently IntelliJ IDEA supports Cucumber for Java, Groovy and Scala. Is there any plan to add a similar plugin for Kotlin?

I tried to write step definitions for cucumber in Kotlin. It works! But some nice features are missing:

  • cannot generate Kotlin code from Gherkin feature file. I must generate java code and convert it to Kotlin.
  • I cannot navigate/jump from Gherkin feature file to its step definitions.
  • All feature files are marked with a warning message: “Undefined step reference”
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Support for Cucumber is not on our near-term roadmap, but you’re welcome to file a feature request in YouTrack.

There’s an open issue for this:

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And also a request for a Kotlin implementation of Cucumber: Support for pure Kotlin tests (needed for Kotlin Multiplatform) · Issue #331 · cucumber/common · GitHub (Help very much wanted!)

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