IDEA, pom.xml and Kotlin

I am newbe to IDEA, Kotlin and Maven.
Previously, I wrote a little in JAVA in the Eclipse environment, and I did everything only in it. Now I decided to use the correct approach and tried Maven. I wrote ‘pom.xml’, I managed to build the JAR and even managed to configure ‘pom.xml’ which tells to Maven write info about the class, which should run.

Now I am trying to import this pom.xml into IDEA. It was imported normally at first, but on run I got the message: “No tests were found”. I commented out all mentions of JUnit in pom.xml and now on import I have no runnable configs and I don’t understand very well what and how I need to configure in order to run my project as usual JVM application.

IDEA is very hard to understand for me after MSVC :).

Could you take a look at my pom.xml and suggest what should be changed in it to could I launch my application right away?

PS As I understand it, the * .iml file, like the .idea directory, should not be placed under control SCM. Or is it just the .idea directory?

I can’t find how to insert my pom.xml into message, so I will put only link to it.
The my pom.xml is here

The question is about IDEA Maven plugin, not kotlin. If you do not have any enterprise requirements to use maven in your project, maybe it is better to start a new project with Gradle. There are many more tutorials with it. You can start with a new project with the wizard and then add all the required dependencies.