Im confused, Post flagged for no reason

What type of forum ist this here? Two of my posts where flagged for no reason.
Isn’t it allowed to ask questions according to kotlin in here?

Probably you should have listened the first time (and I am not the one who flagged your posts). There is a difference between questions about the application that uses Kotlin and questions about Kotlin. The questions I saw are not relevant to Kotlin and even are not relevant to Kotlin on Android. So yeah, it is offtopic.


I don’t get it sorry. There is no other way for this specific function i was asking for than kotlin. Java is different. Xcode is completely different (IOS). So i don’t get it.

Is this forum mentioned for basic kotlin only without the imported librarys?

I mean i wasn’t asking for my pioneer radio in my car in a porsche forum. That would be offtopic. But questions about Kotlin functions are offtopic???

This forum is about the kotlin language and its core libraries which are all developed by jetbrains.

In general anyone can develop code and libraries in Kotlin, and there’s no reason someone here should know how these work.

The usual approach is to check with the developer of the library you’re using, and see where (and if) they’re providing support. I believe you’re developing something in Android, for that stackoverflow is rather good, and also Google may provide something on its own.
Also, you say “Java is different”, well, if you’re on Android you can always use the same APIs and code - you just need to transate that to kotin, but it’s not hard and android studio/idea do it quite well for you.

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It was not a kotlin function you were asking about, but Android SDK function. Maybe you are confusing those two? Android SDK is not part of the kotlin language. It is actually not even written in Kotlin (yet).

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It’s always good to ask questions! :slight_smile: For short questions where you’re not sure how relevant they are to Kotlin, or for very basic Kotlin questions, the Slack community may be a better place to ask than the forum.

Slack supports quick and short questions while the forum often expects you to have already done a small amount of research before asking.

Android questions are a mixed bag. On this forum, only a portion of users know anything about Android development. You might not get any replies at all so people try to help by sending those questions to Android-specific forums.

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Well that’s a pitty. But okay, i will do research for other forums. Still don’t get why Android is threaded like a misfit kid in here. Because @darksnake the SDK is a huge thing and your pretty much wrong about “not even written in Kotlin yet”. Even kotlin documentation itself shows the functions i am asking for. Unfortunately the documentation is pretty limited (Kotlin is still in developement and so is the documentation i guess)

Again, if you would ask a question about kotlin function, people would answer it. Android SDK is not part of the kotlin.

I got that already. Unfortunately my questions are all related to Android because that’s what i do. Android and IOS App’s. I don’t use kotlin for other stuff. So therefore i will leave this forum “a little bit disapointed” because Kotlin is new, but some day this will be THE language for android developers. And i really think that this forum should handle Adnroid too. But it is as it is.

Android topics are welcome on the forum if they are primarily related to Kotlin. :slight_smile:

After all, you wouldn’t ask an Android question on an XML forum even though Android uses XML. Something like “Dear XML, what Android XML property do I use to set text color?” would get redirected to an Android forum.

Kotlin has had a few years being the official Android development language and has widespread use in Android. Asking a question on an Android forum will support questions that have to do with using Kotlin in Android.

This forum isn’t the best place for topics that happen to have Kotlin only tangentially related to the topic. Often this is the case for Android (Kotlin being the main language and all). The best thing we can do if we don’t have the answer is to point users to an Android forum :slight_smile:

Another consideration is that this forum doesn’t have sub-forums. This means there isn’t an “Android” sub-forum and “off-topic” isn’t supported. Everything at the top-level must be Kotlin related.


Some might say that that day is already here!

But others might equally well say that Kotlin is the language for writing Spring web service apps, or JavaFX or Tornado desktop apps, or Big Data manipulation, or iOS apps, or AI programs, or text parsing engines, or trading systems, or a variety of other platforms, frameworks, libraries, environments, and areas of business or study.

And while you can use Kotlin for all those things (and much more), there’s not going to be a lot of common ground between questions about, say, the complexities of using ABC database library to contact XYZ database, and questions about fine-tuning weighting parameters in convolutional neural networks, let alone questions about displaying grid views inside fragments or deciding which HTTP status code to return in obscure circumstances — even if all of those happen to be written in Kotlin. People who have an interest and/or expertise in one won’t have it in many of the others.

So this forum has a relatively narrow focus: issues directly related to the Kotlin language, its design, implementation, and tools. That doesn’t rule out questions that originate from Android or any of those other technologies, but they must be specific to Kotlin and not apply in Java or other languages.

There are plenty of other forums for questions about Android, Spring, databases, and all those other things. (Stack Overflow is of course one of the best-known.)

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Well i don’t think that this forum is helping itself or it’s users with that attitude because at least right now beside a few things (e.g. Android) kotlin is promising but who knows if it really will make it’s way into web development. Most companies slowly get rid of Java within web applications. Kotlin won’t change that, because there is a reason.

So this will stay a stand alone language. Which is a good thing. Don’t get me wrong. Kotlin itself as Basic language isn’t that popular right now due my researches. Only along e.g. Java or even JS. But absolute useless for C, C++ or IOS in it’s current state.

So if i would run a forum to support a language and to get more people into it to help it grow i wouldn’t dare to just narrow it strict down to only it basics. But that’s only my opinion.

But yes, i got it. SDK’s are written in Kotlin, but it’s not Kotlin. They are librarys like e.g. JQuery which JS coders also wouldn’t call JavaScript.

As i said. It is what it is. Unfortunately this is the only kotlin forum right know. So im gonna come up with an own forum for kotlin and Java to fill that gap