I'm Newbie In Development

I’m really newbie in the android development. Can you give advices for me, while i was watching my udemy lesson, i could catch the codes and basics. After that, when i try to build some basic projects for improve my skills, it gets hard. I have many syntax errors. I know what to do, but I’m confusing the order.

What can i do to do get better ?

practice more:

  • start with really simple projects
  • look for some other tutorials and try to go through them without looking at the solutions
  • ask questions, if there is a specific problem you don’t understand, first try to find more information about it online. After that you can ask about it here.

Try to compile your project as often as possible. That way you catch syntax erros earlier and can fix them more easily. Also if there is one syntax error you have often you should look up the syntax rules for that again.
Also you should use an IDE like intellij. That way syntax errors should be highlighted the moment you make them.

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thanks for directing, i hope can fix it.

What can i do to do get better ?

Learn the concepts, and keep at it. On the other hand, don’t aim to understand only “whatever solves my immediate concern”, and don’t compare your difficulties to others’ apparent ease.