Inefficient API doc style

I've just discovered the (new?) API doc style.

It looks clean at the first glance, but I doubt that this style is efficient for real world usage. You need to much clicks to get to the relevant information, there are too many (small) pages, and you cannot easily switch to another class or method, since you have no overview, instead you have to go up in the page hierarchy to get an overview. This reminds me of the annoying .NET documentation structure.

I would be happy, if the Kotlin API documentation would look something like the Scala API doc, which I consider the best designed API doc.

What you see is an intermediate solution for the API docs. We're now using a new tool to generate them and it's outputting data that is then fed into Liquid (Jekyll templating). We'll be updating it and providing better navigation.

Good to know that die API doc style will be improved.