IntelliJ kotlin project screw up

I worked with my kotlin project with IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 on Windows. Then I checked it out on linux machine with 13.1 Community edition. Both machines have 0.7.270 kotlin plugin.

Project compiles and runs OK, but IntelliJ shows: “Unresolved reference: println”, “No set method for array access” on HashMap, etc.

What could be missing or screwed up with IntellJ project with this problem?

Can you try to invalidate caches and restart? From the File menu in IntelliJ.

It seems that your KotlinRuntime library is not attached to the project. Have a look under "Project Structure" If it is there, you can try to delete it an then run "Tools -> Kotlin -> Configure Kotlin in Project"

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Invalidating caches and restarting solved the problem. Thank you!

After this I’ve tryed to move/commit/clone the project between windows and linux, all goes flawlessly. Probably the problem was that Kotlin hasn’t been installed on linux Idea (It was automatically installed when I opened the project first time).