IntelliJ - "Searching for Compilable Files" when running/building Kotlin files


This was discussed a while back in October 2015: Continuing the discussion from Compile hangs on "Searching for compilable files…":

Whenever I attempt to build & run Kotlin files in IntelliJ I get the message “Searching for Compilable Files…” and then it pauses for 10-20 seconds before starting the compilation. At the moment my projects are very small with a simple source path.

I am on the latest stable version of IntelliJ and the Kotlin plugin

Any ideas what is causing this delay?


@andy_bowes +1 I have the same problem with the latest IJ EAP.
I read the thread you mentioned, this seems to work for me:

The first one - unchecking “Keep compiler process alive…” causes it to work again. Turning it back on causes it to hang again.


I have noticed that the stage “searching for compilable files” pauses for ~ 20 seconds only when my android phone is connected to PC by usb cable! But I have no choice because I am using it as modem.
But why?! It’s rather strange, I am using Idea and my development is not connected with Android by anymeans… Idea is scanning phone’s flash memory or what?

Any ideas?