Is Kotlin Eclipse plugin alive?

Currently the only way to work with Kotlin comfortable is to use Intellij Idea IDE. Eclipse plugin is awkward, contains a lot of bugs, the last commit with code changes was about 7 months ago … Gradle Kotlin script editor does not work at all - it is not possible even to open the file (, etc.
So my question is: are there any plans to improve support of Eclipse or this support is not going to be implemented within reasonable time range and anybody who wants to work with Kotlin must migrate to Idea? I do have nothing against Idea but to me (who working in Eclipse for about 15 years) it is rather painful process taking into consideration that I am quite happy with Eclipse in any other aspects …

As far as I followed the development of the Kotlin Eclipse plug-in it looked more or less like a one-man-show and was always far behind of IntelliJ IDEA. Maybe JetBrains wanted it as a starting point for the eclipse community, but there is seemingly not much interest in Kotlin+Eclipse. I guess that even the Kotlin support in VS Code is better.

If you want to be a happy Kotlin developer, do yourself a favor and leave Eclipse behind.

Kotlin team is now re-considering the plans by estimating what level of language support we can provide with resources that we have.

So a more definite answer will be a bit later.

I agree with @medium. Eclipse is way less productive than IDEA, plus the Kotlin plugin makes it too slow to work with. You can always go for the free version if you don’t need the additional plugins.

I would say this is true for Kotlin development only. For java, for example, productivity is comparable so if you are 20-years user of Eclipse there is no any reasons to move to IDEA … It would be nice to have an ability to work at least with Kotlin Gradle scripts in Eclipse.

Any news?