Current state of Eclipse plugin



currently the Eclipse plugin hasn’t seen any updates since March, while I understand that it probably isn’t in the best interest of JetBrains to support a competing IDE, not all of us have the luxury of working with customers that are willing to switch their IT developer image, documentation and developer environment to accommodate InteliJ.

Which basically means, unless we are talking about doing Android projects, they aren’t at all receptive to trying out Kotlin.

Does anyone know if there are any plans to improve the support?

Any language that we might push on delivery projects, have to work in the context of systems managed by the customers, hence why I am trying to get a picture of the current situation.



It was discussed multiple time here. As far as I can understand, Kotlin team currently does not have resources to fully develop Eclipse plugin. The idea was that Eclipse is community driven, so it is in best interests of community to put effort into plugin development.

According to latest RebelLabs report Eclipse is continuously loosing popularity, so it seems that JetBrains strategy seems sound.


With all due respect but this strategy isn’t sound as long as you don’t get somebody to take over the development of the plugin.

Currently, IDEA and to some extent Eclipse are the only viable options to develop in kotlin. Since there isn’t even support for LSP (, other editors are out of question. Betting on people to switch to IDEA just because of kotlin seems a rather strange strategy to me.


Thanks for the feedback.

My understanding is that for now suggesting Kotlin for production, is only a viable option for customers already using InteliJ or Android Studio on their IT certified development environments.


We now have a specific plan for resuming the development of the Eclipse plugin, so you should see new updates again in the coming months.


Thanks for the clarification.


No, Eclipse is not viable today, as my earlier posts explain. That must change for my organization to consider Kotlin.


Any news on this? - we are also not able to switch from eclipse to IntelliJ, but i want to introduce my team to kotlin and multi platform builds - unfortunately it does not work in eclipse :-/


I use IntelliJ, I was hoping to use Kotlin on an upcoming project, but parts of the team use Eclipse, and the state of this project make me uncertain as to how much pain that would cause. I may be able to get them to use IntelliJ Community, but it’d make it a lot easier to introduce Kotlin if the Eclipse plugin were relatively up to date, even if with less bells and whistles. It appears borderline-abandoned.


Any update on this? Also the Slack #eclipse channel is quite abandoned. I was hoping to be able to push Kotlin in my company, but 90% of devs here use Eclipse and without a working plugin I’ll hardly succeed in my attempt.


AFAIK, things have improved since this thread – there’s definitely been new development on the Eclipse plugin. However, since I’m not using it, I can’t really say whether things are good enough currently. Is there anyone here who has used it recently? Is it keeping pace with Kotlin versions at least? What’s the experience like?


Thank you for the response. I’ve opened to track the issue I’m having!


Hm. No response here or in the YouTrack issue, but yet I still see commits going into the Kotlin Eclipse Github repo? So … I guess it’s in an in-between state? It’s not a priority but it’s not abandoned?