Is Kotlin/Native available on any LLVM platform?

I want to use Kotlin/Native on a microcontroller running FreeRTOS with ARM Cortex. Is that currently supported/possible?

According to Add Support For FreeRTOS · Issue #1362 · JetBrains/kotlin-native · GitHub, this feature is not here yet. Please consider filing an issue at the official tracker here(log in required).

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You can use FreeRTOS if you make a glue library. Be careful with the size of the stdlib on embedded!

FreeRTOS too heavy abuses #define machinery, so generate kotlin cinterop for it would be very tricky task.
It was main reason why zephyr was selected for experimenting with embedded targets.

The only option here is interop not directly, but via some shim C layer like Rust’s FreeRTOS-rust/shim.c at master · lobaro/FreeRTOS-rust · GitHub

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sorry shim library , that’s what I meant when I said glue library.