Is Kotlin REPL an unbeloved child?


Today I used the REPL a lot and it feels far away from the usual JetBrains quality. Destructuring declarations don’t work (though fixed in 1.1.4 (eap), selead classes don’t work, some common methods like println are sometimes marked as unknown, sometimes the evaluation is really slow, sometimes code completion works and sometimes not … And several times I had to restart the REPL, because it was hanging completely.

It is a really frustrating user experience! So my question is: Is JetBrains fully commited to the REPL? Because, if this is not the case, this piece of software should be killed to avoid further frustration what could even damage the image of Kotlin and JetBrains.

If JetBrains considers the REPL to be an important and useful thing (as I do in principle), every language feature should be tested in the REPL. The REPL deserves more love :heavy_heart_exclamation:


It’s true that the REPL hasn’t been getting as much love as it should be, and this is indeed unfortunate. However, we do plan to improve it, and I don’t think that killing it would be the right decision to make, even as a temporary measure.


Thanks for your answer. I’m glad to hear, that improvements are on the way!


I came here after yet another hard hang in the Kotlin REPL. I really want to use this thing, but in its current state I am unable to run more than a handful of commands before the entire thing hangs the entire IDE.

I agree with OP’s point that the tool is not very complete and need a lot of bug fixes. But it would still be very useful, if just the hangs were fixed.