Still Kotlin has this terrible REPL

I’m very disappointed that again Kotlin 1.7.20 ship with this terrible REPL

Do you plan to start a new topic for each new Kotlin release?

Actually, I just noticed in the last 12 months you started 5 separate topics about this :slight_smile:


Can’t agree more with @broot .

There’s a good REPL out there, why is it such a big problem that it doesn’t ship with Kotlin itself?

You mean Ki?

Such intelligent team, the Kotlin development group is,
and does not understand that REPL gives the first impressions to the users,
and is an extremely valuable tool!!

Kotlin REPL is worse from the MS-DOS command shell of 1980s!!

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It may have been your first impression — but if so, I suspect you’re not very representative. People learn Kotlin in different ways*, of course, but I suspect either an IDE such as IntelliJ or an online one such as will make far more of an impression for most users.

(* Actually, in my case it was the Kotlin In Action book, before doing any serious coding. I read it three times… An excellent book — at least, for those who already have lots of OO and/or FP experience.)

Yes, it would be great if Kotlin shipped with a world-class REPL (or at least a clear pointer to one), but it’s a matter of priorities. (Personally, I’d much prefer they spent some of their time improving IntelliJ’s integration with Maven and Gradle — I’ve wasted so many hours trying to work around random, unexplained IDE build errors…) I can’t see that the REPL justifies the emphasis (nor the sheer number of threads) it’s been getting hereabouts.