Is Kotlin Scripting and KScript the same product by Jetbrains?


when I tried to research on Kotlin Scripting support, I came across KScript by holgerbrandl. It looks really fantastic compared to what I see in My question is: “Are they maybe the same product?” (maybe holgerbrandl is affiliated with Jetbrains?) Or is KScript just an independent community product? I am confused because it is rare to see that a community project could outshine that of Jetbrains.

No matter how great it is, if KScript is just a community product and has no future support with Intellij, it is really hard to expect much from it. At least, that’s what I think.

Also, could someone give me a suggestion about modern kotlin notebook for Data Science? The GitHub - Kotlin/kotlin-jupyter: Kotlin kernel for Jupyter/IPython project looks promising but stopped since years ago. :frowning:

Thank you.

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Nope. KScript is a stand-alone framework made by enthusiasts. Kotlin scripting is a official platform to support such things.

I would recommend beakerx not only for kotlin, but also for other JVM languages. It has its own minimalist cross-language visualization capabilities and, what is more important, multi-language support inside a single notebook (you can convert compute in Kotlin and then plot in Python!). Sadly kotlin support is limited to older version right now because it uses old command-line interface (the same as KScript, I believe). It started to implement an interface with Kotlin-scripting, which will give it full power of modern Kotlin, but sadly, Kotlin-scripting does not fully support REPL-style yet and has very limited documentation.

KScript is rather important part of the equation since it produces a lot of solutions that are used in Kotlin-scripting. It is limited by bash-like evironment though. I think, that in future it will just migrate onto official API and will still exist as an utility on top of it.

Thank DarkSnake. Actually I have looked at IntelliJ Kotlin REPL and Scratch and the former was actually good except for the fact that we have to clear everything instead of just the section as in Jupyter and the Scratch file was just lacking a good separator (and variable cannot be re-declared as in REPL) like which has been successfully completed in Pycharm. It was like they complement each other in separate ways unfortunately :frowning: .

Beakerx is not too bad but the lack of IntelliJ is something that cannot be ignored since IntelliJ is the only motivation for me to use Java and Kotlin, as of now.

Hope Jetbrains will support it soon :'(. Kotlin would be a lovely Python rival for Data Science at that time.