Kotlin support for script

We all love scripting it is handy and concise. The current state of kotlin as a script is not that handy.However, I’ve come across this library https://github.com/holgerbrandl/kscript by @holgerbrandl. It is very excellently build with the gradle at it’s core. Will there be any enhancements in the kotlin-scripting upcoming releases ? As the kotlin-native is becoming stable the script should also be used as a powerful tool.

The KScript by Holger Brandl is indeed an excellent tool for scripting in Kotlin. Our aim now is to enable embedding of the scripting into applications, while providing basic (yet powerful) tools out of the box. So the KScript is quite likely will continue to stay ahead of the standard tools in terms of features and usability.
There are quite many enhancements planned for the next major release. You can monitor the current progress here: KEEP/scripting-support.md at master · Kotlin/KEEP · GitHub, and a feedback is welcome there as well.