Issue with iOS sample project for Multiplatform


I want to try Multiplatform to have the same app on iOS and Android. I downloaded the sample project here but I can’t manage to run the iOS project (KotlinIOS.xcodeproj) on Xcode. I get the error “/KotlinIOS/…/…/SharedCode/build/xcode-frameworks: No such file or directory” and indeed this xcode-frameworks is not there.

Is there something else to do before running the project ?

Hello, @nelson.parrilla! The sample you found is quite obsolete. Consider using this one: It has the same project structure, but more friendly instructions.
The xcode-frameworks directory has to be made in the build process of a Kotlin project. If it is not presented, maybe one should execute the build Gradle task manually.

Thank you, it works with this project after modifying in build.gradle:

  • ext.kotlin_version = ‘1.3.61’
  • classpath ‘’

and in Gradle/wrapper/

  • distributionUrl=

Because of my gradle, Kotlin and java version.

So I manually executed “gradle build” and now it is running on Xcode.

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