Java libraries converter for Github

Very often, for Common KMP code there are no libraries that are supported in Kotlin. Maybe it is possible to make a converter that converts the library code into Kotlin, and for the code that cannot be converted - Todos are automatically will created. Also, it would be great when such a converter would detect transitive dependency, and also suggest convertation.

It’s a very complex problem, and as the KMP ecosystem grows, it becomes less necessary.
Converting Java to Kotlin is already possible, but one also need to migrate all platform dependencies, which could be just impossible, and when possible require significant manual changes, no way automatic tool can do this outside of very simple cases

So, in general, I highly doubt that anyone will work on such a tool, also as a community member, I would be against spending so much time by Kotlin team on a project with very low chance of success.

After all, KMP already provides expect/actual mechanism to use platform-specific dependencies, which makes automatic conversion to common code even less necessary