JavaFX Builder


JavaFX Builder (version 01)

To bootstrap my knowledge of Programming with Kotlin I started four
bite-sized projects. One of these, a JavaFX Builder, is sufficiently
stable that I am happy to offer the library to other developers. Any
useful feedback is appreciated.

This distribution comprises the files:

klib.jar: the builder library
Chapter05.User.Interface.doc: introductory documentation examples from the documentation illustrative examples

They can be downloaded from:

readme.txt: []
klib.jar: []
Chapter05.User.Interface.doc: [] [] []

Ken Barclay


"Chapter 05" suggests that there is a bigger text around it. Out of curiosity: what is it?


The other materials are general Kotlin stuff and material surrounding the four Kotlin projects. They are:

  1. Data types: specifically immutable types such as Option, immutable lists, immutable AVL trees
    used to implement immutable sets and maps, and immutable graphs.

  2. JavaFX builder: which you now know about.

  3. Kwikcheck: a property-based testing framework.

  4. KParsec: a combinator parser.

The last two make use of the data types project. They also stress test Kotlin’s generic types
and its support for complex function types.



Is this material available somewhere?


The code for the projects is in the klib.jar file. I would need to get some samples and user documentation to you. Email might be better (see my readme file).



Very interesting