[Ann] KotlinFX 0.1


I'm happy to announce the first release of KotlinFX: KotlinFX 0.1! This release marks the fact that KotlinFX is now complete enough to provide substantial benefits in practice.

KotlinFX is a layer on top of JavaFX 8 in the same vein as ScalaFX and GroovyFX are. The main benefits of KotlinFX over pure Kotlin for JavaFX 8 are UI Builders, Extension Properties for getters and setters, more natural JavaFX Binding Expressions and alternative reactive expressions. Take a look at the KotlinFX Wiki, especially the page “Why KotlinFX”, for more details.

There is still a lot of interesting stuff to do. If you want to take a stab at one of these remaining issues you’re more than welcome.

The previous thread gives some insight into the development history of KotlinFX for those interested of you.



I twitted from @project_kotlin about your project. We’ll be happy to see it grow. Keep up the good work!


Thanks, appreciated!

Next I want to explore further possibilities to bring reactivity (whenever it provides notational usability benefits) into KotlinFX but that’s after a little distance I need to take ;).