KLIPS (Kotlin Language Integrated Production System)

Hi all !

I’d like to present a library which might help to write logic of your program in a declarative style. It might be useful for writing business/game logic on server or Android side:

README inside.

Rules look like this:

rule {
   -At(id, place)
   -At(id_1, place)
    effect {
         // Do side effect: BOOOM!!!!

Engine based on Rete algorithm, and also have two level optimizer. Still there are lot work to do on optimizations. Currently I working on an ability to plug DB into this engine, not only for big amount of data but also to make a chence for off-heap GC optimization to enhance performance on Android.

P.S. If somebody will have any ideas or questions please do not hesitate and post an issue on github or right here.

How can i add this to my android project? :smiley: