KMM autocomplete in Xcode doesn't work

I am working on an iOS project and my colleagues created a KMM library to share some code and I managed to integrate it via a framework file (planning on putting it into a Swift Package later on).
The main issue I have is that I can’t get autocomplete in Xcode to work properly with it. I have some methods and classes that get autocompleted and some that never do.
For the ones that don’t; I have to look at the objective c header files, try my best to match it and then hope that it compiles. It’s really a painful and time consuming process.
Any idea where I could start troubleshooting?

EDIT: The framework xcframework file was created using ./gradlew createSwiftPackage

Hey @Tarek, we are experiencing the same issue in a project. Did you find a solution by any chance?

Sadly no. I couldn’t get help any where even on Kotlin’s official Slack.