Xcode code completion

Hi all, I’m trying to set up KMM to share some Kotlin code between our Android and iOS apps. It all seems to be working, except that I don’t get any code completion when calling the Kotlin code from Swift inside Xcode.

I’m building the Kotlin code as a debug XCFramework using the instructions here: Build final native binaries | Kotlin. I’m then using CocoaPods to import it into a separate Xcode project with our existing Swift app. It compiles fine, and runs fine, but… no code completion. Any ideas?

I realise this is probably more of an Xcode/Swift issue than a KMM issue, but I’d really appreciate any advice you have!



Aha, looks like this is a known Xcode 13 bug (but not fixed or even acknowledged by Apple yet, sigh). Another developer has put a great writeup and repro case on GitHub: Thanks for providing this · Issue #1 · andre-alves/xcode13-indexing-problem · GitHub