KMM generics in Swift: force KMM Any to be Swift Any instead of AnyObject

Hi !

I’m currently working on a KMM library that is implemented in Swift.
So there’s something I don’t really get with generics.

I have my KMM generic class:

class Foo<T> {

Then, i can use it without any problem in KMM, for example like that

var bar = Foo<List<SomeClass>>()

The problem:

This is a little different when I use it in swift, cause when I compile my KMM lib as a Swift Framework, my class is now declared this way:

public class Foo<T> : KotlinBase where T : AnyObject {

And here, I cannot use it with Arrays as I do in KMM because a Swift Array is not Any but AnyObject. For example:

var bar = Foo<[SomeClass]>()

and then i got the error:

‘Foo’ requires that ‘[AnyObject]’ be a class type


Is it possible to force something so that KMM Any is interpreted in Swift as Any and not AnyObject, or is there another solution to this problem ?