KMP constants memory leak in Swift

Hey, I am trying to implement a simple use case, I have constant defined in KMP and then use it from iOS Swift project (KMP code embedded as a Framework). In short whenever I try to use that constant in anything else than main thread I can see memory leak captured in the Xcode leak instruments.

 val constant1 = "This leaks"
 fun constant2() = "This also leaks"
 object Constant3 {
     const val constant3 = "Not better."
 class Constant4 {
     val constant4 = "Ima leak some more..."

and an example of it being used .background).async {
     let value = ConstantKt.constant1

And just to note - @SharedImmutable or @ThreadLocal won’t help.
Any ideas?

Nevermind, looks like it is indirectly connected with Ktor.