Kotlin 1.1.2-5 not working

I am new to kotlin.
I am trying to use kotlin in my android app.
I am using the kotlin version 1.1.2-5 and I have installed the same plugin in my Android Studio canary 3 preview too.
When I run the project to compile it shows me some databinding errors.
But the same projects works fine when I use kotlin version 1.1.2-2.

I couldn’t figure out what the issue is.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Databinding does not work with android plugin alpha 1 and alpha2. That is probably your problem.

Circular dependency?

Circular dependency between the following tasks:
+--- :app:dataBindingExportBuildInfoDebug
|    \--- :app:compileDebugKotlin (*)
\--- :app:kaptDebugKotlin
 \--- :app:dataBindingExportBuildInfoDebug (*)

this bug has fixed in 1.1.3