Kotlin 1.1 language reference as Anki (https://apps.ankiweb.net) deck


I’ve converted Kotlin language reference in a Anki deck form.
There are 245 cards inside deck.

So, anyone who uses Anki software can download&import deck:

As description states:

This Kotlin deck dedicated to language reference from official http://kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/ site.

This deck covers almost all info from official docs except JS, Tooling and some FAQ sections.
I won’t add JS-related sections in future.

Version History:
v.1.0 (26.Feb.2017): finished converting Kotlin reference into Anki cards.

One thing that I want to highlight, is because current Kotlin reference manual doesn’t have any “version” info (or something like “last published date”) on the pages, it will be hard for me to update my deck in the future.

P.S. Hope, this work does not violate the license agreement.


The Kotlin Web site is available as a public project on GitHub; updating the deck should be as easy as monitoring commits to the project. https://github.com/jetbrains/kotlin-web-site

(And no, this doesn’t violate the license agreement; there is now no explicit license, but we’re going to put the CC BY-SA license on the content.)


Thanks, hope my deck will help someone to refresh their knowledge :slight_smile:


@yole, i see that branch kotlin1.1 has been merged into master in JetBrains/kotlin-web-site repository and my Anki cards are a bit outdated now. It’s visible huge change => easy for me to go thru Kotlin reference website and update everything in my Anki deck.
But I can’t tell same thing about minor website updates – it’s really hard to follow minor updates (additional explanations, typo corrections, etc.).
Do you (as a team) have any plans to add something like a “timestamp” on each reference page? I like the way how golang team did that:

And one more side question: can I use some slides from JetBrains presentations, like:

in my internal presentations for teammates (with preserving links to video talks)?


Cards have been updated to support latest Kotlin 1.1 changes.