Kotlin 1.4.30 issue

after upgrade kotlin to 1.4.30 from 1.4.21, i found some issue:

  1. firebase crashlytics is not working. my logcat say “java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException
    at com.google.firebase.crashlytics.internal.common.Utils.awaitEvenIfOnMainThread”

  2. some device crash with logcat “Fatal Exception: java.lang.AssertionError: impossible
    at java.lang.Enum$1.create(Enum.java:45)
    at java.lang.Enum$1.create(Enum.java:35)
    at libcore.util.BasicLruCache.get(BasicLruCache.java:54)”

after i. rollback to 1.4.21, the issue fixed.

are anyone have same issue?


Abah Adilah
Bekasi, Indonesia