Compatibility with Android Nougat


One of my projects, written in Kotlin, fails in Nougat.
The others written in Java works without any problem.
Is anyone here experienced any problem with Nougat?
If so, how could you dealt the problem??
I need your help :cry:


Unfortunately you haven’t given any information that would allow us to help you. How exactly does it fail? If there’s a stacktrrace, what’s in the part of the code where the stacktrace points to?


Sorry for the ambiguous.
It was actually written in 0.15.x version of Kotlin in last year by the author now has left.
I tried to stacktrace it but gradle build failed with “gradle dependancy cache may be corrupt”.
So tried with the recent version of Kotlin but failed due to syntax this time.
I think I need to port it to the recent version, but general idea about the compatibility would be appreciated.


We aren’t aware of any compatibility problems between Kotlin 1.0.4 and Android Nougat. A huge number of bugs were fixed since M15, and many of them are related to Android, so you definitely should upgrade to the most recnt version.


Thank you sir!


I have a feeling you are missing the point. so just want to clarify, because I believe you misses apoint about Kotlin compatibility.

Generally versions < 1 of any software/library generally are test versions and api might be changed without any consequences (every one who is using such version should be aware of it). Versions after 1 are treated as stable and in most cases follow Semantic Versioning scheme
The point is - Kotlin careas about compatibility.