Kotlin algorithm club

Several months ago, when I was first approaching Kotlin, I implemented some popular algorithms and data structures using it. I was interested in comparing the same program in different languages (scala/java/kotlin) and paradigms (functional/imperative).

After a while, I decided to create something more like Swift Algorithm Club for Kotlin, so I made my code to be human-readable and created the GitHub repo.

For now, I have about 30 algorithms and data structures, some as trivial as gcd or queue, some more complicated.

I think the Kotlin community may be interested in the project: GitHub - bmaslakov/kotlin-algorithm-club: Algorithms and data structures in Kotlin.

I will also appreciate any contributions to the project (code, test cases, docs – you name it).

PS. still have not mastered Kotlin though :smile:


I know there’s a like button that covers this kind of reply, but I just want to emphasize that I like this project. Thanks for sharing it!

Also, I know it’s on GitHub so you’re implicitly open to pull requests, but are you actively seeking contributions for it? If so, where would you most like help?

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Hi Michael,
Yes, I am very much open to pull requests! :slight_smile: I think for now the weakest parts are graphs (especially test-wise) and documentation, but of course any contribution is welcome.