Best way to keep the Kotlin plug-in updated?

I followed the instructions and I installed the Kotlin plug-in manually (download the zip and tell IDEA to install it), but it's not very practical.

Is there a more automatic way to keep the plug-in updated?

There're two update sites that you can use. They are fresh-built so there may be some issues in the next few days, but still:

Latest build verified against the latest EAP of IntelliJ IDEA:

Latest integration build:

Just add the updatePlugins.xml to your plugin repositories in IntelliJ IDEA.

If you have any problems with these, please tell us. Thanks.

Thanks, Andrey.

Once added, they both appear in red in the “Browse repositories” window and I get an “invalid filename returned by the server” when I try to install either of them:


That's a bug: Fix will be published with next IDEA EAP.

Alternatively you can build fresh IDEA Community Edition by youself or grab a build here: