Kotlin Extensions for Android plugin not installing


I'm trying to install or re-install this plugin, Kotlin Extensions for Android, in Android Studio, 1.2 beta 3 with Kotlin plugin version 0.11.669, and everytime I select the "Install Plugin" button from the Preferences->Plugins->Install JetBrains plugin UI, a dialog box flashes very quickly and then disappears. Nothing is installed. When I try again, the plugin always shows the "Install plugin" button as if it has not been installed. In my android/java/kotlin project, I'm trying to use the synthetic properties extension via the import statement and Android Studio gives me an "import kotlinx.android.synthetic.xxxx undefined" type of error.  I've tried uninstalling everything including Android Studio and nothing seems to fix the problem. I've looked for the plugin files separately and all I get is a 404 page from the JetBrains Plugins website, plugins.jetbrains.com so I'm assuming that this file is temporarily unavailable (?).


Hi, Sorry for inconveniences, we restored an artifact, so you should be able to install Kotlin Extensions for Android now. Thanks for reporting us a problem!