Kotlin for backedn, Kotlin js?

I am the new guy here. Interested to learn more about kotlin js and Kotlin on the server side? Does anybody has recommendations on resources for beginners like me? Any of the following will do:

  1. Learning resources
  2. Experts discussions
  3. Cutting edge discussions
  4. Any certification program

Thxs! -Kf

Hereare a few tips:

  1. Google kotlin koans. That will teach you the basics. Also there are tutorials on youtube to learn the basic sintax.

  2. Pick up kotlin in action book or any other book, usually books are more advanced than youtube tutorials.
    And if you really want to go in depth, you can find all the talks from the kotlinconf 2017 and kotlinconf 2018 on youtube. Most of the talks go into a specific part of the programming language and how to use it, so it is a good way to get a better understanding of advanced features.

  3. Github. Look at how other programmers use the language and try to kontribute.

Best of luck!