Learning Resources (Video)

Hello I am trying to look for video resources where I can learn more about Kotlin/JS, and build full applications. More specifically, I want to know if I take a course on Kotlin (not kotlin/js) can the same code be applied to Kotlin/JS.
Also, is Kotlin Koans for Kotlin or Kotlin/JS?


Kotlin Koas is a course design for Java programmers. Learn more about Kotlin/JVM, I bevile that this cannot help you a lot

Yes, Kotlin Multiplatform project gives the same outcome of kotlin code, but you cannot use JVM related libraries you need to look for a library which is build for js or multiplatform

You can read about multiplatform here

this may help :
understand how kotlin/js works Diving into Kotlin/ JS with Sebastian Aigner - YouTube

official documentacion

learning material: