Kotlin JS status?


I’ve been away for a few years. Last time I was using Kotlin, the JS backend was sort of “experimental”. What is it these days? Is it fully supported?

I’m looking for ways to to use the same language on both browser and server side, and serialize data back and forth (eg, results of DB queries) without a bunch of manual JSON manipulation/parsing code. It looks like that is now supported with the kotlinx.serialization library.


Take a look at KVision. It lets you write fullstack apps in Kotlin with fully type-safe and automatic connectivity between the client and the server code. At the same time it’s a feature-full framework for building Kotlin/JS single page applications.


In our project we are developing a progressive web app, utilizing Kotlin on server as well as client side. We are using kotlinx-serialization and kotlinx-html for a templated isomorphic rendering strategy.


We use Kotlin on server and client side.
For building on client side we use Gradle for the Kotlin part and NPM/Webpack directly for the rest.
The client use java-script libraries like React, Bootstrap, jQuery and query-string and a few Kotlin libraries like React-wrapper and kotlinx-serialization (great serialization library).
Our experiences have in general been good. However, I hope that the React-wrapper will get more love soon so it will stop spitting out false warnings.