Kotlin JVM app that calls Kotlin/Native library

I have pure Kotlin(JVM) app. and I want to use some native library( C lib on linux). Is it possible to do with Kotlin/Native?

If it is, how it is different from JNI, is it faster, better or not?

What kind of bridge is used to call native code under JVM?

It looks like you misunderstand the concept of the Kotlin/Native. It is not JNI analog, but the standalone compiler. It makes possible to write code in Kotlin, with slight differences, and to compile it into the binary files. Also, with Kotlin/Native one can use C libraries very easy, but this is not a transferrable option. To say, even more, to call something written in Kotlin/Native from the Kotlin/JVM one got to use JNI!
So, to conclude everything I said, Kotlin/Native is not a way to use the C library in the Kotlin/JVM app. But, this is the way to write a native app that uses platform-specific C libraries.

In fact, K-N could be also a way to work with native libs from JVM if there were a way to make bridge calls from K-JVM to K-N and back. It was discussed multiple times, so I think that the feature is on TODO list somewhere, but not the first priority.