Can I compile kotlin code to a static library for iOS


I want to write a library in kotlin using on both iOS/android platform,so far,on android, things be easy.
I don’t have any idea on iOS, any one know it? Is there a way to calling kotlin from c/c++?


It has been a month with no answer at all. Sad, but with nothing on the radar yet or with any actual schedule, perhaps writing your library in swift may be the best way?


Sadly, RoboVM was probably the best option for doing this, and it has gone away.

Looks like the current best option (until Kotlin Native becomes a real boy) is probably Intel’s Multi-OS Engine, although I haven’t delved to deeply into that yet.


Just thought saw this again and I would record the answer is now YES.
Some limitations still to creating Kotlin iOS apps, but clearly a library can be done.