Kotlin M13, roadmap?


I'm aware that giving a roadmap on the development of Kotlin isn't something that is going to happen (yet). The language and the milestone versions are ready when they're ready. No problem.

But, there are starting to arise alot of great Kotlin libraries and frameworks. Frameworks and libraries that are becomming dependent on each other.  So in order to upgrade all those libraries to the latest version of Kotlin the lowest common denominator problem arises. Publishing to maven central generally takes up to two hours. So it really helps if somewhere there is a (rough) expectation on the timeframe of the release of next milestone/version of Kotlin. In a way that all library builders can be ready in time.

This is ofcourse not only important for the people building the libraries but also the community as a whole and thus every newcommer to the language. So is it possible the maintain some rough expectation of the next version somewhere?


Hi Mark!

M13 will be released next week.


That's great to hear!

Any change we can get (rough) updates in the future and as the release comes nearer the information gets more fine-grained? e.g.:

  • M14 will be released begin Q4
  • M14 will be released end of october
  • M14 will third week of october
  • etc…


Mark, we will definitely announce upcoming releases in advance. In fact we are going to shorten release cycles after M13.


Great, thanks, that will really help all the library builders.